Michael and Esther have been ministering overseas recently, and had a really powerful time ministering recently at a conference in Northern Ireland for eight hundred men in the Green Pastures Church in Ballymena and then at their church on Sunday evening.

At the men’s conference he spoke on Samson and Elijah.
Samson – the tragedy of a man from whom the Lord departed [see Judges 16:20].

The reasons were simple:
He failed to GUARD the weak spot
He failed to SEE the enemies plot
He failed to STOP the spiritual rot
However, he finally CRIED OUT to God and God gave him victory
In Elijah’s situation he became depressed. The message will be taken from 1 Kings 19:
The symptoms of Elijah’s depression
The cause of Elijah’s depression
The cure for Elijah’s depression
The lessons from Elijah’s depression.

Michael has also posted an interesting extract of an article by Francis Frangipane on the subject of ‘Persistence Repentance, forgiveness and Holiness’ on his new blog