The theme of these brief talks are on the authority that we have in Jesus, and on being a pillar in the house of the Lord. The first piece of music you will hear is a continuation of Mozart’s lovely 12th piano concerto which we began to send out last week.  The second piece of music you will hear was written by Linda Entwistle especially for these meditations. It’s quite something to see her name right up there alongside Mozart as a composer! It’s called ‘Predichiamo’ – ‘let’s proclaim the gospel of Christ’.
Promises of God, Track 5 – Authority in the Lord

Enjoy the first five tracks of the Patmos CD too (see below) plus track 32!
Track 1 – It had happened to him
Track 2 – Loneliness or solitude?
Track 3 – Who am I?
Track 4 – Touchiness – the tripwire of Satan
Track 5 – A letter from Heaven