We have mentioned in previous editions how badly hit Christchurch has been by the earthquake two and a half years ago, Beth and Ian Fearnley, who live there, and who have been badly traumatised by the huge number of after-shocks, tell us that most of the churches have ‘gone,’ mainly because they were stone or brick clad construction, and the cladding fell off.The cost of repairing these buildings to meet earthquake standards is so prohibitive that many church buildings are being sold off. Our friend’s daughter couldn’t find a suitable church so is getting married by the lake instead! Unsafe buildings are still being dismantled, and there is a five year waiting list for builders with over 20,000 homes needing reconstructing. Businesses have mainly relocated to outer suburbs or to nearby towns. There are STILL people sleeping in cars or making do in sheds and garages. Many have had enormous problems trying to claim on insurance, and are still having to pay the mortgage on properties that are no longer habitable. Pray for God’s outreach to the people of Christchurch, and indeed for New Zealand itself.
Images of the horrendous devastation caused by the quake.