Sometimes we persevere hoping for things when wisdom lies in letting go; more often, perhaps, we give up when God has more to do. Here’s a lovely story from a friend who attended the very first week long conference we ever led back in 1982, concerning her son’s mother-in-law, who was taken unexpectedly ill and fell into a deep coma.

Recovering Against all the Odds from a Serious Coma
We asked for prayer concerning the desperate plight of our friend Tréva Solanki’s son’s mother in law. Tréva informs me that “she woke up some days ago, having been in a coma for two and a half weeks. After a few days, the doctors had told the family to say their goodbyes, and had removed the respirator (and feeding tube!) but she was breathing by herself, and had the feeding tube replaced when the family realised this.

The doctors had previously done a brain scan and said that there was absolutely nothing there, so it would be cruel to keep her alive – but here she was smiling and recognising everyone.

Although she was very tired there was no sign of any brain damage. She just hasn`t got the words for how awesome this is!”

More Testimony from the Security Company  
The Lord is answering prayers on the health front too. One of the directors of the security company we have been requesting prayer for (praise God, they have been overwhelmed with contracts since we mobilised and prayed) has had a twenty-four year history of ulcerative colitis. Despite that, an investigative operation a few days ago revealed that, UNLIKE previous colonoscopies, the bowel appeared completely free from any sign of disease.

She is amazed and delighted! She had been praying much for protection over health issues, and God has done something really special for her. She was told the good news whilst under sedation and gave the doctor a huge hug! She is absolutely staggered at how well she is feeling, having been very poorly until recently, and warned by the hospital surgeons told to prepare for something much worse!