May your heart. . .
seek out still places
and know the deep simplicity of life with me
recalling richer rhymes and rhythms
as I re-dress all lingering loss

May your heart . . .
trust in Me
as you filter out
all that is faded foolish and fearful
and have the courage to set sail

drink in the fullness of my presence
and you will perceive the true meaning and beauty of things
as you lift people, places and professions before My throne
and I turn sight into insight

May your heart . .
be a furnace of love
where I hold first place
and where you give
and do not count the cost

Let it be a spring of hope
and a fountain of praise

May your heart . . .
find favour . . .
your presence makes a difference
and your faith moves mountains!

May your heart . . .
know my deep soothing rest
as the wind of my spirit
sweeps through