Open Doors are making Saturday May 11th a special day of prayer for Syria. There is a main meeting at 6 pm in Parliament Square and then at Westminster Central Hall to pray for the nation.

Christians in Syria are asking us to pray with them on 11 May 2013

Christians in Syria are joining together to plead before the Lord for His mercy on Syria and an end to the violence. Due to the dangers of travelling, groups will be meeting in homes, meeting arenas, and churches, and will be meeting from all denominations. Christians across Syria have asked that we join them in prayer.

Pray with Syria at Pentecost Festival 2013
•    6.00pm, prayer gathering in Parliament Square for our nation, government and the world (free event but organisers request that people register in advance)
•    7.30pm, ‘Release the Spirit’ worship event, with Rend Collective, Graham Kendrick and others at Westminster Central Hall (tickets £7.95 or £50.62 for a group of 10)
•    10.15pm approx, Open Doors 15-minute prayer vigil for Syria outside Westminster Abbey
You can register or book tickets at
Let’s do this together!

If you can’t get to London, why not pray on your own or organise a prayer meeting with others?

Syrian Christians are asking us to pray for:
•    Reconciliation and unity amongst denominations, both Christian and Muslim
•    Christian families and others displaced by violence and threats
•    The church as it reaches out in love to meet people’s practical and spiritual needs
•    The future for Christians in Syria – and the grace to remain.