We are often aware of people who are in search of places to be quiet, either to regroup after some difficulty or to further some creative purpose. We’ll suggest a few places for those wishing for a slightly more structured environment in the next edition; here we simply want to feature a couple of complete get away from everyone places.

Just outside Bromyard, a few miles from Malvern, Victoria Hawkin and her family have made their farmhouse available for this purpose. She can be contacted at 01885 482 409,
Warren Farms
Email: jtofff@talktalkbusiness.net

We have previously mentioned The Shack, near Bewdley, Worcestershire (contact Linda Entwistle at lindalouisa@blueyonder.co.uk) where the Holy Spirit quite definitely ‘descends’ on people who stay there.

It’s never a hardship to write about the life of reflection, so we are providing links here to one of the opening chapters from Intimacy and Eternity.

Towards a Life of Reflection