Outreach to a Festival in Leeds – July 6-7

Quite a number of you will have taken part in outreaches to psychic fairs and the like in order to give people the ‘alternative’ of meeting the Lord Jesus. Under the name of Stardream, and offering ‘spiritual encounters,’  Geoff and Hilary Ashton and their church are doing precisely that at the ‘Leeds Health and Healing Festival’.
They ministered in this way recently at a similar event in York, where the ‘encounters’ involved several people being healed, some powerful and insightful words of knowledge, and the Gospel being shared.

For example, one lady pitched up and basically said “Show me what you can do.” A couple from the church prayed, and one of them had a picture of a pink rose that had been cut from the plant and had a drop of blood. The other had the interpretation: young love that had been cut off, which had caused much pain. The woman was moved to tears. About a year ago, the young man she was hoping to marry had died suddenly. The team were able to spend some time ministering to her, and she was left in no doubt that God really was interested in her and her wellbeing.

The church is planning an informal follow-up in a Leeds home for people who want to know more about Jesus. Please pray for this ministry to reach many people.