Praying for Slovenia

Many of you will be aware of, and praying for, Greece and all the intense pain that austerity is causing there, and all the thousands of public sector jobs that are being axed there. However we should always be aware of where trouble is looming next. It could well be Slovenia, which the EU has given a two year ultimatum in which to get its house in order.

We enclose an important eight minute report here that will take you inside the economic situation this nation is facing.

Please pray for Slovenia. If you are anything like me you probably did not know much about this small nation. The majority of its two million citizens are nominal Catholics with only about fifty very small evangelical fellowships. Slovenia is strategically located as a major transit route; unfortunately this is used extensively as a route for heavy drugs. Pray for it to become more of a highway for the Lord. May something of the power that is falling night by night in the Welsh Outpouring in Cwmbran touch Slovenia! provides a few pointers towards praying for the spread of the gospel there.