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Two of our friends have been healed of cancer recently, including our friend Michael Ross Watson. His account is a real testimony to the Lord.

For some months Michael had been struggling with health problems. Things finally came to a head when his blood pressure soared to 200/100+, and his kidneys were failing. He was incontinent, with all the stress that this brings. We visited a urologist who insisted that Michael come straight into hospital. His bladder had been retaining 750ml of urine for months. He was catheterized and in 24 hours lost nearly seven kilograms because of excess fluids in his body.

Following surgery Michael was able to pass water normally and no longer incontinent. His kidneys were six weeks from shriveling up and now function normally. During surgery biopsies were taken of the bladder and prostate.

The biopsy of the prostate revealed cancer. Seventy percent of the prostate was declared cancerous and it was nine on a scale of one to ten in terms of the aggression of the cancer. The PSA cancer marker was 5.6. On July 27th Michael was sent to an oncologist who took a blood sample specifically to check the PSA cancer marker.

We decided to visit a church in Wales where there has been a remarkable outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We were not seeking healing as much as wanting to be in the manifest presence of God. On the second night people who were hungry for God were asked to kneel at the front of the meeting. The minister whom we had never met before, would not pray over people individually or give words over them but simply lay hands on them and believe that something would happen within them. When he came to Michael he spoke over him and said, “This is not the end! This is not the end! This is not the end! It is just the beginning,” and then he moved on. We knew that we had heard God speak.

We heard nothing from the oncologist for two weeks and were on holiday when Michael got a hospital call to say that he was to have a bone scan. He called the oncologist who explained that she wanted a bone scan and a Choline CT Pet Scan – the latter being very expensive and only available at one place in London. The Lord is so good – He provided a truly staggering sum of money on the very day it was needed to pay for the medical scans.

Michael asked the oncologist what the PSA cancer marker was from the blood test and she said that it was below one! This was without medication or treatment!

4th OCTOBER 2013
We visited the oncologist to get the scan results. The oncologist told us that she was “blown away” when she saw the low PSA cancer marker reading. Then came the scan results – no sign of cancer! The doctor said “I am totally bemused. I have never seen this before.” Michael told her all about the Lord and about the revival in Cwmbran.

Michael is cancer free – glory be to Jesus!!Michael and Esther Ross Watson

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