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In the Light of this Typhoon

A man who has spent much time in the Philippines as a missionary wrote these challenging words.

American Forces estimate that 90% of houses in Leyte are completely destroyed. 90%! I can’t imagine what would happen if 90% of houses in Swansea, London, or Singapore or Edinburgh were destroyed in one night and there was no food, no water . . . and another storm coming. Unimaginable heartache.

I’m trying to pack boxes myself to move at the moment but when I watch the News my heart aches. I have so much. I thank God for what I have, but I don’t want to spend my life striving after things and stuff that have no eternal value.

In the light of this typhoon let’s examine our hearts, check out how we spend our time and our money, look at how we give, and make sure our relationships with our family is right . . . Above all be close to Jesus. He’s coming back soon. I pray we will be ready and that He will find faith on the earth.

Bible Society Appeal for the Philippines

An opportunity to donate. Please click on the above link, but in our case we found it easier to ring and make a donation on 01793 418222