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Pointers for Prayer for the Philippines

May the Lord lead you on beyond where the music stops to pray for the whole breadth of the relief work in the Philippines, and for the work of the Spirit in the islands. Operation World makes it clear that the Philippines are awash with sects and cults that blend Christian ideas with all manner of false teachings. Most of these feature ‘highly controlling and manipulative leadership and teachings. ray for wrong teaching and emphases to be exposed and corrected, and for effective Christian ministry to the millions caught within these groups.’

May the Lord use this storm to bring depth and unity in the Church ans He did some decades ago through the earthquake in Romania. There are over 2,000 registered religious denominations, not including hundreds of unregistered cults and sects. Too often, these divisions reflect schisms, or unhealthy and authoritarian leadership patterns, the results of which have all too often been a lack of fellowship with other groups, erroneous beliefs, a syncretistic worldview and superficiality.

Through this time of intense distress and convulsion may many things change in the long term for the better.