Bruce Pulman, a former flat mate from Oxford days, flew to the Philippines on Monday with his wife at their own expense to minister for three weeks with local missionaries, particularly in Tacloban. Bruce and Jo bought enough water purification kits to provide clean water for 5,000 people for a year.

They write,

“This trip is going to cost us of the order of £2,000 and we [would greatly welcome] donations to pay for the water kits. Each kit costs £12.90 and can service about 30 people. We are going to teach people how to use the bags, roll out wise models of shared usage managed by local church members, take photos to help the company raise further matched funding, help with the food which has already been collected and generally act as “grey hairs” to encourage accountability and fair sharing, make tea(!) preach the gospel, bring hope and encouragement and cry with the people.”

When they checked in in London on Monday, their baggage was found to be over 10 kg overweight. As a result, the airline demanded an excess baggage fee of £570! Amazingly, what they described as a ‘fat, balding angel in his late 50s’ piled in to help them with the result that there was no excess charge. Praise God indeed. May their trip bring great joy and solace to many.

If anybody feels led to support them in this they would be very grateful. Please let us know and we can send you relevant account details.

They are overnighting on a concrete floor of an emergency refuge just south of Tacloban right in the centre of the disaster area. There is a military curfew operating because of the looting. They have been unable to find their mosquito repellant so please pray for safety from looters and malaria. They comment that they have seen scenes straight out of the apocalypse and prayed for many Christians and non-Christians alike for hope and healing.