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A Maxim from Maxwell

Well over thirty years ago John Maxwell was pastoring a mega church in America, when the Lord spoke more clearly to him than he had ever known before and told him that from that moment on he would have a strategic mission to leaders. The fruit of his work has been seen in both Christians and business world through his publications that have sold by the million.

When asked the question, how do you start your days, he simply replied, “I pray that I may add value to people’s lives today, and when I go to bed my last thought is to ask the Lord is to ask, ‘and have I done that today?’”

What a lovely thought! So let’s ask ourselves: how do you start your day? And end it?

Your own ‘missional prayer’ may be somewhat different from John Maxwell’s, but whatever it is, may we be close to the Lord and add value to people’s lives each day!