On the more enjoyable side of life, we are delighted to release here a track from Chrism CD 4 which was written by my former music teacher at middle school: Phillip Spratley. He came to mind the earlier last year, and I was able to get in touch and meet up. The decades rolled back and we had a great chance to reminisce together! He was kind enough to give us permission to play and record some of his compositions, so here is an exquisitely beautiful Notturno from his Outlaw Suite In Outlaw Country. (Yes, he did live for many years in Robin Hood territory!) Enjoy!!: an exquisitely beautiful Notturno.

Classical Net says of this piece:
“Spratley is a wonder. Each piece is beautifully worked and a delight to ear and spirit”

Presto Classical write:

The music of Philip Spratley (b. Nottinghamshire, 1942) will be a revelation – quite how a composer of this stature can get under the radar remains to be explained.

This CD reveals the freshness and originality of this immediately attractive voice in British music. Spratley has his roots in English folksong and his compositions are strongly evocative of the countryside – though animated by a rhythmic vivacity and drive that recalls Shostakovich, Britten and Tippett. Spratley’s music also abounds in memorable melodies and his ability to write tunes with the ring of folksong about them reveals a true heir of Holst and Vaughan Williams.

You can listen to extracts at: prestoclassical.co.uk