Salt and Light and a Lounge Concert Outreach

For nearly ten years now I have been praying more or less every week on the phone with two Armenian-Iranian friends, who are the senior partners of a law firm in central London. We often extend this invitation to other members of the firm, several of whom are Christians, and occasionally with clients too. I can’t begin to tell you how many answers to prayer we have seen in the course of these dynamic times together!

One of the partners, Michael, has been running an outreach meeting called Salt and Light every week for the last five years, which has done wonders at restoring lives that have been badly bruised and broken in various ways. To celebrate its fifth anniversary, they had hired the banquet hall at St Brides in Fleet Street, inviting many who have been part of this over the years for a celebration. Much to my surprise I discovered that we were meeting in William Caxton’s original printing works. It was extra special as an author to be leading an event in the place that was home to printing in this country – and all that has come from it!

My challenge was to compere a schedule that included a wonderful Iranian meal, three worship groups, a slot for Grace and her friend (you will have heard Grace’s wonderful violin playing on many of our recent CDs), TEN testimonies from people who have been have been helped through these meetings, and two main speakers: Sam Yevgenazah, who heads up Elam Ministries to the Iranian church and his brother, Lazarus, who leads 222 ministries, a parallel international movement. We have often featured the impressive work of these two men of God before.

By the Lord’s grace (and fairly proactive overseeing!) everyone kept to time, and a really special evening finished soon after 11 o’clock – and there was still quality time to meet and pray with people too!

Carol’s Contribution

carolWe have also often featured Carol’s outstanding ability to bring the Lord’s presence in just the right way into a wide variety of events, ranging from youth to old with everything in between from pubs to churches. On this occasion I also invited her to lead something that was a first for her: a “lounge concert” in the lawyer’s Board Room on the Friday afternoon before the main evening meeting.

Everyone was invited from senior partners down to the newest junior – who had actually arrived just one hour before for her induction, and turned out to be a gospel singer and worship leader who enthusiastically took part! She will definitely have come away with a false idea of what usually happens in the firm on Friday afternoons!

Carol’s deeply honest heartfelt approach – not to mention the brilliance of her songs – made a deep impression, and everyone is very keen for her to come again. Lounge concerts like this are an excellent way to share the gospel in a very natural and creative way. Do consider inviting her! Carol’s website.