Islamic agenda in Birmingham, a spat in the Cabinet and a serious Trojan Horse.

Serious issues were raised about a serious hidden Islamic agenda for schools in Birmingham as long ago as 2010; it has taken a long time for this issue to be more fully aired, perhaps in part because people were afraid of appearing Isalm-ophobic. Do take the time to watch this important piece Nick Robinson presented on BBC news two evenings ago.

Let’s pray for the (really rather nasty) spat between Theresa May and Michael Gove to be more than papered over; especially as the publishing of the report next week on the Trojan Horse issue in Birmingham schools is likely to send shock waves in all directions concerning this issue we have long been aware was brewing. (Google ‘Trojan Horse’, ‘Islam’ and ‘Birmingham’ for more information).

Cyber Crime
As smart phones get smarter, so too, unfortunately, do criminals who are dedicated in their efforts to hack into them and cause identity theft, computer lockdowns, ransom threats and cyber chaos. We have referred to these issues in the past as being extremely important to pray about.

The first confirmed case of ransomware that encrypts files held by Android devices has now been reported, Called Simplelocker this targets SD cards slotted into tablets and handsets, electronically scrambling certain types of files on them before demanding cash to decrypt the data. This particular threat is in its infancy, but this is such a huge issue that we need to be over the horizon in prayer.

Here are two further sites for additional insights into the present threats:
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Update on the violence in Eastern Ukraine
We have enclosed a link here for information on the violence and tension engendered by the creation of the Ukraine Donetsk People’s Republic see this link. You will find many links at the bottom of the page beyond the original article.

Many Christians in Ukraine are feeling a strong sense of helplessness as the violence increases. Prices, of course, are rising all the time . . . may the power of the Lord resolve what is in serious danger of becoming an intractable situation.