Trumpet_Call0f0205aBrian Mills and Ian Cole led important times of intercession in Macedonia last week at the event we featured in the last edition, where 500 delegates from 23 different European nations, plus some from elsewhere in the world were seeking the Lord fervently to break through in revival power in the Balkan region. They were led to ask forgiveness not only for historical hurts but also for the present-day hatreds that still exist in a region that is now been known for so long as powder keg.

Linda has this to say about their time there.

“28th June 2014 marks the 100th year anniversary of World War I in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The ‘European Trumpet Call’ took place in Skopje – the capital city of Macedonia – strategically timed to coincide in the same month.

The focus was on reconciliation between people groups and countries within the Balkans, upon which both the 1st and 2nd world wars have had long term and catastrophic effects, as well as for unity between the different Christian denominations.npmap

A thousand of us gathered together as representatives of nearly every European nation to declare our unity in prayer for the healing of all European nations through symbolic acts of repentance and proclamation, so that the Gospel might be grasped and accepted through the love and unity of Christians. We particularly prayed for Macedonia, that it might become the gateway for revival and prosperity to other nations.

As a worship team we particularly warmed to Pastor Aleksander Sasha Vuletic (who has successfully planted three churches in Skopje) – a warm-hearted and generous man who offered us the type of hospitality St. Paul himself would have been proud of!

As the conference progressed, the worship team was able to play a more dynamic part in the sessions, and many of the delegates warmed to us. We were pleased to meet Prince Philip of Prussia, the great great grandson of Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, and a lovely Christian, who prayed for forgiveness on behalf of Germany concerning the origins of the First World War, thereby setting a Biblical precedent and showing us the power of being able to identify with the sin (and error) of our own nations. May the effect of the prayers continue in the heavenly places and play their part in touching the nations for Christ in these increasingly challenging days.”

Having featured Linda’s report from the conference in Macedonia, here is a beautiful track she wrote that we have called “Let nothing disturb you” – which feels like good advice in the light of the serious matters we have highlighted in this edition!

May the Lord lead your spirit far and wide as you play and pray it.