Ultra urgent prayer for Iraq

Prayer alert from the Vicar of Baghdad via Jennifer Nevill who managed to speak to Canon Andrew White in Baghdad last night. Andrew is the vicar of St. George`s church in Baghdad and he says:

“May we plead for your prayers? WE ARE IN THE MOST DESPERATE SITUATION WE HAVE BEEN IN SINCE THE WAR IN 2003. The total infrastructure of the country has fallen to pieces. Even basic communication facilities like Facebook have all been closed down. We have no government, very little food and for the first time, huge opposition against Christianity. Churches have been attacked, Christian homes destroyed and thousands of Christians have fled their homes to seek safety and refuge.
Please, please pray for us.


ISIS, the terrorist organisation which took Mosul and Niniveh, have now destroyed many of the Shia Mosques in Mosul. I wondered why I had not heard about churches being destroyed, then this morning I discovered why. They have set up their bases and HQ in the Churches.

The Archbishop is crying out for help. He says “is there nobody in the international community who will help us”? Sadly there is not. We cannot help retrieve their buildings we can just help their people. That is what we are doing. Whilst there are huge problems in the north even Baghdad is not without it problems and ISIS as such is not here.

Where we are in our compound is safe but we can hear the gun battles going on around us. Each day the homicide bombs continue, and the number of murders multiply. This month alone over 2700 people have been killed and over one million people have been forced to leave their homes.

We are continuing to meet as many needs as we can both here and in the North. Sam is still in the North and Sarah returned just one hour ago to take forward the work there. We do not know what each day will bring. There is tragedy and despair all around, but despite all of this we know for sure that the Lord is here and His Spirit is with us. This I say so many times and we totally mean it.

Psalm 70

God, come quickly and save and protect me.
Lord, hurry to help me.
Let those who are trying to kill me
be ashamed and disgraced
Let those who want to hurt me run away and turn back in disgrace.
Let those who make fun of me withdraw because of their shame.
But let all those who worship You rejoice and be glad.
Let those who love Your salvation always say,
‘Magnify God and praise His greatness.’
I am poor and helpless God, hurry to me.
You help me and save me
Lord, do not delay.