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Our friend James Horsfall, a musician on Jersey, is not usually at all interested in politics unless the Lord prompts him. Neither does he normally remember his dreams, but he had a really vivid one a few nights ago in which he saw a Scottish castle, with a heap of coloured clothes on a window sill, and people coming in and trying them on. He noticed that they were all of three colours: red, white and blue. Only later did he realise that these were the colours of the United Kingdom. People in Scotland are indeed testing whether they want to wear the colours of the UK flag; and only the Lord knows what is really at stake . . .

Before the Union between England and Scotland was entered into just over three hundred years ago there was a call to pray and fast for the Queen (Queen Anne) and the two Governments (in Edinburgh and London) as they conducted negotiations on the details, and they held this thought uppermost in mind: “That all may be done to the glory of God…..”

The Church gave spiritual leadership without taking sides. Today, there is every bit as great a need to pray that the church gives such leadership once again. While the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ campaigns focus on the political, economic, social, military, educational and cultural issues, let’s be sure to remember to pray too for Scotland’s moral and spiritual climate too.

There are those who believe that the move towards independence in Scotland is nothing less than a spiritual deception, whilst others (equally as passionate) see it as natural, and as inevitable, as the founding of the Irish Free State in 1922, which replaced both the self-proclaimed Irish Republic and the Provisional Government of Southern Ireland. Quebec, of course, came within a one per cent whisper of separating recently from Canada, and, taking heart from the Scottish push, there is currently a huge renewed push for Catalonia to secede from Spain. Voices are even being raised in Bavaria too. . .

Political and economic posturing and manoeuvring is to-ing and fro-ing at breakneck speed on a daily basis, leaving many Christians are divided on this issue. But a large majority of Christians in Scotland feel that dividing off from the rest of the UK will not only take years to negotiate, but represent a great deal of loss of money and momentum in world events at a time when everything is speeding up, and indeed entering perhaps the most turbulent and dangerous times since the end of the Cold War. See for example this article.

Here is a recent Financial Times’ editorial on the subject.
We are on safe ground in joining the prayer thrust in praying for the Lord’s preference to be the final adjudication. May the Lord’s blessing be on Quebec and Canada, Bavaria and Germany, and wherever else the Lord leads you in prayer. We have posted three tracks from Chrism (two of which we released with the last edition), both because they are lovely in their own right and because we hope that they will help you to pray.

They are from our six CD set Chrism, CD 5 Bitter sweet and CD 6 Rest on Me.

Track One
Track Two
Track Three