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Childswickham Sponsored Sleep Out: News Day 5

9th – 15th October 2014
Venue: Front Garden, 6 Broadway Road, Childswickham, WR12 7HP
Sarah Deakin   tel: 01386 854605

Thank you to all of you for supporting us!

Current total £1000 and rising….

Firstly an apology for this being the first news you have had. Everything takes longer and we have been inundated with visitors, plus trying to keep our day jobs going!

Childswickham (Medium)We started on Thursday 9th: good weather which continued until yesterday and for which we were very grateful. The biggest challenges have been the noise of the traffic as we are pitched next to the road and the cold. We are very aware that these are very small problems and our camp is luxurious compared to the conditions of the refugees. However at 4.30 on Friday morning, a helicopter hovered overhead. The noise was very ominous and made us aware of the fear that the sound could create for many of the refugees. We are thankful for the relative security in which we currently live.

There have been many things that we are grateful for:

  • Generosity of sponsors
  • Generosity of neighbours
  • Visits from all and sundry.
  • Blankets
  • Meals on foot and meals on wheels
  • A sturdy tent that has been dry and secure – so far
  • Close proximity to clean water source
  • Torches/candles for light
  • An increased awareness of what we take for granted that the refugees do not have.


  • shelterbox (Medium)Our neighbours next door pitched two tents and have joined us, raising money for Shelter Box.
  • Morning coffee, afternoon tea and cakes from very kind neigbours.

Thank you again for all your support – Sarah and Lynda

PS: we now have a gofundme.com page if you have any friends who might like to support us. Please share our link http://www.gofundme.com/fpecvc