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At our recent time with musicians at the House of the Open Door, I woke with a snatch of music running in my head. With the help of a talented musician from the community I scribbled the music down over breakfast, and then, as he now knew the piece, I invited him to join the musicians and take the lead playing on his violin. We were able to record this immediately after breakfast. You will probably find yourself focussing mainly on the music the first time through, but the words I have written to accompany it are designed to lead into prayer for people and places especially in need of the Lord’s power and presence.

Do listen more than once and let the Spirit of prayer come on you as you do so!

Let Your presence come O Lord
Your life, Your love, Your strength
Shining light into the darkest parts,
Turning doubts into faith and trouble into blessing.

Let no weariness of mind or body diminish my desire to go the extra mile.
Let me sense Your holy smile
drawing me on to the blessings You foresaw
away from the things that beguile.

Deep in the silence I receive Your presence now,
Unweave the bitter roots that defile
Endow my cluttered heart with poise and grace.

Now let Your power and presence come,
Your life, Your love, Your strength
Shining light into even the darkest places that we bring you now.

Words and Music by Robert Weston

Here is the music alone as inspiration for your prayers.