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Lord, I’ve been working so hard for you, longing just to play my part, striding out beneath your banner to portray Your heart to many souls. But I need time out from the maul, to pause and heed Your call.

Come apart, My holy bride, come apart and bide awhile in Me. You’re in this for the long haul. You have not missed My grace, or lost the right to seek My face, for in you I see a contrite broken heart that beats in time with Mine.

Dayspring from on high, draw Your presence nigh. To You goes all my longing, my treasured home and deep belonging

Let Me sweep away the strain and dross of so much loss, as I take the reins and draw you deep beneath My wing.

Lover of my soul, water all the seeds I have planted, and grow them for your glory. But let all you see in me be a broken contrite heart that beats in time with Yours.

Press on, My beloved child into my heart. Doubt your doubts and quiet the noise that darkness shouts. Resist whatever pangs harangue your soul, and the sound of disappointment’s chords. Catch the fragrance that My love bestows, the first fruits of many joys to come in the glory you are destined to one day know.→

Jesus, I open wide my heart to embrace You with intense adoring passion, for You have loved me, even as the Father loves You. Be my milestone, guide and chart as I set my face to the coming King.