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While the eyes of the world have been on the Middle East, let’s not forget Venezuela, a country ravaged by hyperinflation; 500% at the moment and predicted to rise to an unimaginable 1500% next year. Despite sitting on the world’s richest reserves of oil, it has been described as the worst economy in the world.

Amongst the latest developments it has recently been suspended from South America’s trade group, Mercosur, “over its failure to comply with the pact’s democratic principles and trade bylaws.”

Using a lovely guitar piece of music by a local musician, David Booth, I prayed this extended extempore prayer for the country of Venezuela and for the work of God there:

See also this prayer cast for Venezuela on Operation World’s website (click on button on top right).

The BBC recently screened a discreetly taken film that affords a rare glimpse into the terrible hunger being experienced by many people in the land. May the Lord be at work amongst those who are starving, and may He satisfy people’s spiritual hunger in the process.

This BBC article offers a partial transcript and some stills from the film.

This is the full version.

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This would be a good time too, to revisit this track from our CD Transfiguration: The Call of God resounds across the earth.