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Concerning the immediate threat of more terrorist attacks – whether lone wolf or pre-planned – there is no doubt at all from the pronouncements of so-called IS for Ramadan this year and last that they are calling for a major push to wage all-out war on the West during Ramadan, which has only just started.

And see more of the wider situation here, [also at the Independent].

May we refer you back to the last edition in which we mentioned the very strong warning prophecy and plea from the Lord that the Lord gave Alex Buchanan back in the late 1970s. The word speaks not only of blood staining our streets, but looks at the deeper reasons why this is happening.

“Understand my heart, beloved, and come and share it with Me. Those I look for not only wear the sword, but take it out and wield it . . . so that I can ‘bring forth into your land peace and safety; so that I may bring through My Church My strong word, My clear testimony, and torrents of love, grace and mercy”.

“There are among the peoples of your country those who, with skilful words and with the touch from the pit are bringing about those things that shall cause chaos and bloodshed, for the blood of your own countrymen and country women shall stain your streets . . .”

“They are not all in the one party or on the one side – some of them are so skilfully covered that you do not see them, even in the ranks of those who profess to be your brethren and sisters . . . In the ranks of those who appear to lead the very people of God they are entrenched and shall be revealed.”

“My beloved people, do not think of the years of further safety. Think rather in days, for so imminent is my judgement upon your land if I do not find my people who shall behave as I have directed you in this word.”

“Yet my ears are still open to hear any cry that might arise to me from my people. I moved up and down your ranks, looking earnestly not only in your eyes, but into the depths of your heart, to see if there are any who will stand in the gap. I long to find those who will stand in the gap. Yes, I long for them – those who will deal severely with every sin and wrong practice; those who will heed my word and instantly obey it: those who will turn aside from the mere selfish desires of the flesh; those who will pay no great attention to the desires for comfort and ease either in body or spirit or mind, but who will embrace the roughness, heat and strife of real warfare.”

“I long for those who will praise Me when everything in them cries out that they should not praise Me. These are rugged sons and daughters who will allow My knife to go so deep that the deep hidden things shall be dealt with and worship of self shall cease and the strong forces of the flesh be dealt with in My presence. I long for those who will shut themselves up and learn to weep before me and share my agony; those who will share my longings and yearnings, for do not think I am hard and untouchable.”

This is such a challenge to us as the people of God to become effective intercessors. Click here to see the whole of this powerful word.