On her way down to Devon recently for a very necessary weeks’ writing retreat, Rosalind was deeply touched by the music of Rami, a young violin student from Homs in Syria. In the course of an utterly perilous escape from Syria – with his violin(!) – the Lord intervened repeatedly. After many narrow escapes and adventures he was taken in by a family in Germany, where he has been able to make a new home; though he obviously misses family back home in Syria.

When she purchased the CD, she discovered that he is a Christian. Many of you would enjoy the CD he recorded on Decca with the City of Prague orchestra. It combines an Arabic flavour with beautifully arranged western music . . .The Elegy for a lost Nation is heart-tuggingly deep.

You can listen to the whole of this album on Spotify – make an evening of it! – but why not honour this man’s ministry by purchasing a CD for a friend?

See this moving six minute youtube about his escape journey:

If you are really pushed for time there is a two minute precis of it here, but it is good to honour his testimony with the longer version if you can:

Pray for Rami’s future  – may he be a musical missionary for the Lord

And pray for his friends and so many others who are still in the terrible camps that he experienced – or setting out on their journey.