Manna for the Soul

“I am convinced that it is at the place of the devotional that the spiritual life is made or marred. (Selwyn Hughes; Introduction to his ‘Every Day Devotional Bible’)

I love feeding the mind by studying the meaning of words, and understanding the context in which passages of Scripture came to be penned. As Paul said

“I will pray with the mind, and I will pray with the Spirit.”

What we will be seeking above all to do here is to take a verse of Scripture and meditate with the Lord on how He may wish to apply it in our hearts. We will find God coming to us in precious ways as we do this.

We are starting this new series with the memoires of Nehemiah. We hope you will gather a great deal of manna for your soul from the insights that we share – but the real key is to be open to what the Lord has to say to you directly as you interweave your own pilgrimage with the Scriptural account.

The Memoirs of Nehemiah
The Memoirs of Nehemiah – Where we come from matters
Manna for the Soul – Asking the right questions
Manna for the Soul – Sharing with People in distress
Manna for the Soul – Sit Walk, Kneel, Weep
Handling Grief and Processing Loss