Prayer on a national level



Making Friday September 8th a day to focus in prayer for the nation and on wider concerns

It is only a few weeks since we played an active part in supporting a day of prayer and worship for the nation, but another call for such a day of prayer has been sent out. I am obviously out of the country myself on this date, but it is important to keep the sequence and rhythm of wider prayer going. I will be seeking to make it as much a day of prayer for France as for England! Continue reading

A meditation based on The Proslogian of St Anselm

As Abbot of Bec, Anselm wrote a great deal while he was directing the growing community at Bec Hellouin in the late eleventh century, which rose to become one of the leading centres of intellectual and spiritual thought in medieval Europe. He managed to combine those demanding roles with an extensive correspondence with rulers and nobles all over Europe as their spiritual adviser and counsellor. Continue reading

Continuity with generations past


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Our friend in ministry Michael Ross Watson went to be with the Lord earlier in August this year. This is definitely a case of Heaven being the richer and us, humanly speaking, being the poorer. Do remember Esther and the immediate family – and their worldwide family of sons and daughters in Christ.

All of us who knew Michael will have a plethora of anecdotes and memories of him. I’m so glad that Dad and I were with him a few months ago at a church in Shropshire. I first met him in 1985, when the Lord had surprised us by asking us to Continue reading

Michael’s Testimony


When Michael Ross-Watson was seven, a Brethren missionary called at his home. He talked with Michael’s parents for two hours, but they made it very clear that they were not in the least interested in the gospel. They did mention, however, that they had a seven year old son, Michael. There and then, all those years ago in 1953, he made a commitment to pray every day for this young man whom he had never even seen.

Nineteen years later Continue reading

You Carried Me



Michael and Esther have a remarkable testimony of being carried by the Lord through many extremely dangerous and challenging situations. So too in a completely different way does the writer of this remarkable song, our dear friend Carol Sampson from Malvern. We think you will find her deeply candid testimony extremely moving and will probably want to pass it on to others.

The secret to ongoing blessing in ministry


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When I heard about Michael’s passing, I immediately let various people know who he used to minister with at our MFOT conferences, including Paul Haglin and Phil Buechler in America. (It was Michael who first took Phil Buechler to Indonesia and introduced him to ministering in that part of the world. Accustomed as he was to being in the presence of the power of the Spirit, I remember Phil saying, ‘Turn it down a bit, Lord, I can’t cope with that much power!” Continue reading

In the Lord’s deep silence



In the Lord’s deep silence
Be silent on your bed and commune with the Lord  (Based on Psalm 4:4)

Come My sons and daughters:
welcome this fulsome sharing of kingdom lives –
but enter first into the depths of silence,
your hearts entwined with Mine.
Enter in and stay awhile
until the kindness of My presence comes
and you can see and sense and find and know. Continue reading

Why it is important to pray for Catalonia


Millions around the world will be praying for the relatives of the victims; those of you who have been receiving our publications for many years know that I love to provide background information to such events, so that we can pray on both a strategic and a personal level. I had, in fact, been planning to send out a release requesting prayer for Catalonia, even before the deadly street attacks on the 17th August.

Most of the millions of tourists who visit Barcelona are entirely unaware of the history’s tumultuous past. To take up its story in the 1930’s, Catalonia found itself caught up in an unprecedented experiment in anarchism, which George Orwell recorded in glowing colours, having gone to Spain to take part. Continue reading

Spiritual Background: how God worked in North Korea a hundred years ago


Although comparatively few are aware of it these days, God has moved in power in North Korea before. Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, was once known as the ‘Jerusalem of the East.’’

Most of us see only a nation obsessed with missiles, and totally indoctrinated by a leader who “honours a god of fortresses,” as Daniel 11:38 so poignantly puts it. But a friend of mine went on a prayer trip to North Korea and has told how she met with the Lord on a prayer trip to that country more powerfully there than in any other place on earth.

We are more familiar with the mass revival movements that have happened in South Korea, which are in no small measure the the fruit of courageous missionary pioneering work by the American Presbyterian Church, and the revival that followed the brutal occupation of Korea by Japan which lasted from 1910 until 1945.

Most of us are unaware, however, of the spiritual history and momentum in the north of the peninsula.

When we think of ‘ancestral momentum’ therefore we obviously think of the unbelievable suffering that the prevailing dynastic family, of which Kim Jong-Un is but the last in a long line, have imposed on their people. Compared with the Third Reich’s brief reign of terror, theirs has been a long dynasty. But there is a well of spiritual momentum in the North to draw on too which we are calling on the Lord now to renew.

This article provides fascinating insights into the early days of Christianity in Korea.

May the part Christianity has played in the history of North Korea become much more widely known in both Christian and governmental circles – and may the lord bring about something entirely new in this region.

We recorded this powerful heart cry in song almost exactly two years ago as a starting point for prayer for the so called hermit kingdom to open up to the Lord and to the world. May there be no vacuum left for the dangerous forces to fill but many opportunities occur for the glory of the Lord to shine forth.

Heart Cry for North Korea

Give Glory to the Lord your God before He brings the darkness. (Our recent Soundcloud, which has particular resonances for the Korean peninsula.)



On her way down to Devon recently for a very necessary weeks’ writing retreat, Rosalind was deeply touched by the music of Rami, a young violin student from Homs in Syria. In the course of an utterly perilous escape from Syria – with his violin(!) – the Lord intervened repeatedly. After many narrow escapes and adventures he was taken in by a family in Germany, where he has been able to make a new home; though he obviously misses family back home in Syria.

When she purchased the CD, she discovered that he is a Christian. Many of you would enjoy the CD he recorded on Decca with the City of Prague orchestra. It combines an Arabic flavour with beautifully arranged western music . . .The Elegy for a lost Nation is heart-tuggingly deep.

You can listen to the whole of this album on Spotify – make an evening of it! – but why not honour this man’s ministry by purchasing a CD for a friend?

See this moving six minute youtube about his escape journey:

If you are really pushed for time there is a two minute precis of it here, but it is good to honour his testimony with the longer version if you can:

Pray for Rami’s future  – may he be a musical missionary for the Lord

And pray for his friends and so many others who are still in the terrible camps that he experienced – or setting out on their journey.